Full Professor at the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (FMUSP).
Professor Menezes is also the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Preventive Medicine at FMUSP, coordinator of the Research Group on Psychiatric Epidemiology (EPSIQ), coordinator of the Research Support Center on Population Mental Health (NAP-SaMP), member of editorial boards of scientific journals and member of the Academy of Sciences of the State of São Paulo, Brazil.
Professor Menezes has extensive experience with population-based epidemiological investigations of psychosis, dementia, chronic diseases, and depression in the community and primary care, his research focus on design, conduct and analysis of community-based observational studies and randomized trials. In recent years, his main focus has been the treatment of depression in the Brazilian primary healthcare system. He has successfully led more than 10 international projects on mental and public health.
As a PI, Prof. Menezes co-chairs the Central Executive Committee and coordinate directly the administrative core personnel; he also chairs the Training Executive Committee (TEC) and have the responsibility for the coordination of the capacity building and administrative components. He contributes with his expertise in epidemiological research in mental health and previous experience running similar studies, during all phases of the research component.

Coming up

Tenth Latin-MH Study Group

It's going to be held at August 22nd, 10am EST, our 10th Latin-MH Study Group with the theme "Digital Technology for Preventing Early Mortality Among People Living with Serious Mental Illnesses". This webinar will be presented by Dr. John A. Naslund, PhD from Dartmouth College, and will be held in English, online, via Adobe Connect. Come join and build capacity with us!

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Latest events

Ninth Latin-MH Study Group

It was held on May 29th our 9th Latin-MH Study Group with the theme "New Technologies for Mental Health Assistance". This theme, our study group was tutored by Dr. Ines Hungerbühler, PhD from University of São Paulo. The webinar was held via Adobe Connect, and this edition was in English. Watch it right now!

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Eighth Latin-MH Study Group

It was held on March 30th our 8th Latin-MH Study Group with the theme "IntelliCare - Mobile Apps for Depression and Anxiety". This time, the speaker was Dr. Kenneth Weingardt, PhD from Northwestern University. The webinar was held online via Adobe Connect, and this edition was in English. Watch the video right now! 

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Seventh Study Group Reunion Latin-MH

Our 7th Study Group consisted in the debate "Primary-Care Professionals Mental Health: work-related factors" with Dr. Andréa Tenório, and it was held on February 31st. In this meeting we discussed the findings of The PANDORA-SP Study. This webinar was broadcasted online via Adobe Connect and it happened in two sessions: one in portuguese and one in english. The link to the videos may be found below!

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